Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy™

Have you given up on the dream of living pain free or simply stopped living your life due to the stiffness and pain? Alliance Health has the answer! Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy ™

Regenerative medicine has proven to be so successful Medicare is now starting to cover this amazing therapy! Medicare has concluded on the effectiveness, safety and results and is now covering this amazing breakthrough!

This is shocking news and we are excited for the opportunity to help more people reduce their pain and get their lives back! Alliance Health has lectured and educated thousands in the state of Idaho. In the past, a large percentage of people simply could not afford this therapy. With the advancement of Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy™ things are changing rapidly.

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Stem cells have the potential to regenerate and heal various tissues in our body. However, as we age the number of our stem cells reduces and so does our healing potential. Stem cell therapies can increase and focus your healing potential and help your body overcome pain and stiffness. This non-drug approach to healing is helping thousands of people in Idaho. Stem cell therapy is being used to help reduce the signs of arthritis and other pains and can even regenerate cartilage. Many people find themselves dealing with arthritis in the knees or back that has gotten so bad that their last option is a joint replacement or spinal fusion surgery. Most people know how devastating and dangerous those surgeries can be. Please give a call to schedule your FREE consultation and see if your Medicare policy will cover this groundbreaking therapy. 

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