Corporate Health & Wellness

Corporate Health & Wellness

Alliance Health helps employers and employees with health and wellness plans focused on preventing injury, fatigue, and disease. We will observe your employees in the workplace and formulate a plan based on current methodologies and best practices to improve the work environment. Alliance Health creates a workspace that promotes healthy living. Our plans are simple to follow and easy to understand.

The two primary areas we focus on are:

1. Pre-employment assessment – Allows the employer to better understand the overall condition of their new hire. It also allows the employer to offer a safer workplace by matching quality employees to specific working conditions. Most health assessments are performed to determine if the new hire can handle the stress of that job and the demands on their body.
 2. Corporate wellness – Our program is an on-site service that allows employees to have their health care concerns addressed. Our services include on-site blood work, health questionnaire with health history, orthopedic testing and bio-mechanical stresses. We are also available to offer quarterly health talks.

Why is corporate health and wellness important? Happy and healthy employees are more productive. They miss fewer days due to illness and injury and are more energized throughout the workday. Forbes Magazine reports that “injuries, illness and medical consultations are the most commonly reported reasons for missing work.” The team from Alliance Health will work with your leadership team to ensure your program remains high functioning and effective!

Curious whether a corporate health and wellness program is right for your company? Give us a call and set up a no-obligation site visit today. We are 100% confident that your work center will run more efficiently, and your team will be healthier as a result.

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